Enrollment Procedure
To enroll your child in the summer school program, you need to do the following:
1.    Fill in the Summer Academy application form, which can be downloaded from the Summer Academy website or picked up from the Summer Academy office (1B02).
2.    Sign the Reservation Enrollment Contract.
3.    If your child is not a TAS student, the parent and child MUST meet with the Summer Academy Director. Please make an appointment by phone, email or in person.
       Please complete this step before  making payment. An appointment may be made through the Summer Academy secretary ext. 892.
4.    Fill in the Frequent Visitor Pass Request form (for non-TAS students only).
5.    Pay the tuition fee at the cashier’s office.
6.    Turn in the following completed forms to the Summer Academy office (1B02):

  1. Application form with a copy of your son/daughter’s passport, showing a valid visa for entry into Taiwan.
  2. Reservation Enrollment Contract
  3. Temporary Gate Pass Request form -click to download (for non-TAS students only)
  4. Receipt for payment of the Summer Course tuition fee

All of the application forms can be sourced on the course application forms page, or picked up from the Summer Academy office (1B02). If you have any question regarding the summer program, please feel free to contact the Summer Academy office at 02-28739900, ext. 892 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.