The KA/K summer school program is designed to meet the needs of young learners. Students will be engaged in a wide variety of learning activities that will help develop beginning reading, writing, listening and oral language skills. Students will build on prior knowledge and skills in a way that personalizes their skill development while also promoting social interaction, independence and a love for learning.
Essential skills that will be covered include:
* The development of beginning and developing reading and writing skills and examples include sound/letter correlation, consonant blends, sight words, rhyming, creating stories and descriptive language.
* Beginning and developing oral language skills including speaking in complete sentences, speaking with confidence in front of others, using oral language to explain/describe/direct/ ask questions, using correct noun/verb agreement, etc.
Students will engage in interesting, and motivating lessons under the theme Jobs People Do. The class will embark on several local field trips to enhance learning and language development.