The Grade 3-5 summer school program is designed to provide students with study and practice in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening.  In accordance with the regular school year, the 6 Traits of Writing is the framework upon which students will be using on a daily basis. Students will also be exploring a number of different reading genres with the focus being upon learning to choose a ‘just right book’ and to understand the importance of learning to master this skill in order to become a better reader.
Essential skills that will be covered include:
• A greater understanding of the 6 Traits of Writing will with a particular focus on the traits of organization, word choice, and ideas.
• Developing Reading Comprehension and focusing upon summarizing, inferring and determining importance.
• Determining the recognition of a “Just right book.”
• Speaking and listening skills will be developed in active and engaging modalities such as readers’ theater, storytelling, songs, role playing, and drama.