6th grade Reading and Writing course is primarily designed to develop student's ability in the English language. This course is suitable for students of all levels. It will help those students to develop their skills in English and meet grade 6 expectations. At the same time, it will extend students who are already proficient in English, aiding their level of achievement in grade 6.

Each day there will be an Oral Language requirement. Students will have to present their written ideas formally orally, and expressively read segments from Schooled out loud to their classmates. Students will receive feedback regarding their pronunciation, expression, the speed of delivery, and audience engagement. Word Acquisition is a spelling and word accumulation program that will involve students learning new vocabulary words from the novel that they are reading, Schooled and from a list of most misspelled words. Students will have key-cards to help them learn the words. Writing will focus on developing both informational and descriptive forms of writing. Each day there will be a focus lesson that will guide students through how to improve an aspect of their writing. As part of the process of writing, students will learn how to analyze their drafts, checking to ensure that they have the required features of the required form in their writing. Furthermore, each day will have a grammar lesson based on creating effective sentences, identifying and understanding parts of speech and correctly using marks of punctuation.

Reading will comprise of literary analysis. Students will read the novel Schooled, a hilarious tale of social acceptance. As we read the novel students will be guided in the process of annotating the text, highlighting and labeling literary techniques, and examples of figurative language. Each day students will be engaged in lessons that guide them through the process of analyzing the novel. They will analyze the novel regarding themes, characters, symbols, plot, and chronology of events.