This class is offered as a part of the Summer Academy program, which gives priority to students who have completed their junior year. Students will explore potential college majors and career paths by working in business, institution or university department focusing on their specific area of interest. Upon successful completion of the internship, the mentor will submit a letter that may be used as a part of the college application process. Students enrolling in this course are expected to meet the following requirements.

* Commit to working for six weeks in the greater Taipei area (beginning Monday, June 6)
* Write a resume and “letter of introduction” that will become part of the application packet
* Write a formal “thank you” letter at the end of the internship
* Dress according to the expectations of the business, institution or university department
* Meet the work expectations and goals established by the student, mentor, and internship coordinator
* Submit a daily online journal to the internship coordinator

Interested students should see either the Summer Academy Admissions Officer or the Director of the Summer Academy for the necessary applications.