Grades: 10 or 11, with priority given to students who are entering their senior year.
Duration: 6 weeks
Homework: Light

This class is offered as a part of the Summer Academy program, which gives priority to students who have completed their junior year. Students will explore potential college majors and career paths by working in a business, institution or university department focusing on their specific area of interest. Upon successful completion of the internship, the mentor will submit a letter that may be used as a part of the college application process. Students enrolling in this course are expected to meet the following requirements.

• Commit to working for six weeks in the greater Taipei area (beginning Monday, June 6)
• Write a resume and “letter of introduction” that will become part of the application packet
• Write a formal “thank you” letter at the end of the internship
• Dress according to the expectations of the business, institution or university department
• Meet the work expectations and goals established by the student, mentor and internship coordinator
• Submit a weekly online journal to the internship coordinator

Interested students should see either the Summer Academy Admissions Officer or the Director of the Summer Academy for the necessary applications.