Grades: 9-12
Duration: 4 Weeks
Homework: Heavy

This four-week intense summer course gives qualified students the opportunity to take AP Physics 1&2 without taking the required Honors Physics.  This summer course will meet from 8 AM until 12 PM each day with a problem-solving “lunch-hour” from 12 PM to 1 PM.  This course will require about two hours of homework each night to include readings and online problem completion.

This course emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving ability.  It is assumed that the student is familiar algebra and trigonometry.  The subject matter is intensive and analytic covering the areas of mechanics, dynamics, weaves, sound, light, geometrical and physical optics, and electricity.

Requirements for Course:
Successfully completed Algebra 2 or have had excellent achievement in mathematics (if non-TAS).  The typical TAS student that may be accepted into this course has completed the ninth grade Physics/Chemistry class, achieved high grades in math and science, has a need for flexibility in their US program of study in science, and has the motivation to do all of this work during the summer.
Successful completion of this course provides:
• TAS Graduation Credit *
• Ability to enroll in AP Physics 1&2 for the 2017-18 school year
* Due to intensive nature of course student must attend 18 of the 20 school days for this
   course in order to obtain TAS credit.
Process for Admission:
• Students at TAS must be approved by the US Science department for admission.  
• Students from other schools are encouraged to apply as this course is designed to get students prepared for advanced study in Physics.
• Admittance to this class will be determined by the qualifications of the student in terms of need, grade level, and mathematics achievement and aptitude.  Students with a greater need for flexibility, higher grade level, and great mathematics achievement will be accepted first.  
• In cases where a student’s qualifications for this course are extremely similar will be determined by the date of their application to the summer school office as earlier applications will be accepted first.
• There may be a need to limit the number of students in order to maintain a viable learning environment.

Please Note:
Acceptance into this course does not guarantee placement into AP Physics 1&2 as successful completion and performance must occur during the summer course.

"Please note if you have signed up for a MS Math class or an US Math or Science class enrollment is pending approval from the Department Chair & Summer Academy Director.  The Summer Academy Office will contact you once approval has been given."