Grades: 9-12
Duration: 4 weeks
Homework: Light

This four-week summer course is designed for students excited about kick-starting an accelerated Upper School Robotics experience. No previous robotics experience is required.

Students taking this course will become familiar will all of the major themes in robotics including electronics, programming, CAD design and fabrication. We will start from the beginning assuming no prior knowledge. However, experienced robotics students who are interested in working on advanced projects are also encouraged to take the course.

Week 1: Basics of Electronics and Microcontroller Technology- Students will learn the basics of electronics and programming and learn the communication protocols of industry standard of sensors and actuators (sensors gather data from the world, actuators make thing happen in the world).

Week 2: Robot Wars- Students will improvise a robot design from materials found in the lab, learn remote control protocols, and pit their robots against each other in a demolition battle.

Week 3: CAD Design and Control System Programming- This week, students will divide into one of two specializations based on their interests. One group will focus on CAD design using 3D modeling software to design the mechanical aspects of the robot. The other group will focus on writing more sophisticated software to control the behavior of the robot.

Week 4: Robot Design Team Challenge- In the final week, students will recombine to from project teams consisting of both designers and programmers. The project teams will work together to design and program a robot from the ground up to complete an agreed upon task.

Successful completion of this course fulfills the Upper School graduation requirement for Computer Science and Robotics and makes students eligible for Honors Robotics and Engineering.