This course is for students who have the time and motivation to go deeper in the study of the major content and in problem-solving skills necessary at the AP level. The first part of the course will be spent identifying and correcting gaps in understanding about Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity/Magnetism, and Waves/Light.
Some content will be reviewed and studied in greater depth, and other content may be introduced to give students a head-start to their achievement in AP Physics. A major focus will be on the problem solving needed to be successful at the AP Level, but there will be significant emphasis on laboratory activities as well. Students will be busy and actively engaged throughout each session without much homework. Optional homework may include a preview of material prior to a class, or an experimental collaborative project that students must complete by the last day of the class (to be determined). All students will receive a review guide for AP Physics as well as better understanding and appreciation for Physics upon completion of the course. Students who have already taken a year-long class in Physics are eligible. This Summer Course will meet from 8 AM until 12 PM with an additional hour of optional work time from 12 PM to 1 PM. Students will not earn high school credit. Approval to take this course will be determined by the student’s Physics teacher and US Science department chair.