1st 2 weeks—Pre-Columbian America to Independence
2nd 2 Weeks—The Constitution through the Civil War

This course is designed to give students a strong background in the college level critical reading and analytical writing skills necessary for success in Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate History and Social Studies courses and external exams.   The course will focus on the History of the United States to help develop these skills.
In this course, students will use the AP/IB Level textbooks, primary documents, and secondary scholarly texts to learn the skill necessary to be successful in History and Social Studies AP and IB courses.  The students will learn about the history of the United States from Pre-Columbian America through the Civil War.  They will be taught effective strategies for reading, comprehension, and evaluation of college level texts.  Furthermore, they will learn the skills and strategies of writing persuasive analytical essays and Document Based Questions, required on both AP and IB exams.
Students planning on taking AP or IB History or Social Studies courses are encouraged to take this course.  Students who plan on taking AP US History or IB History are strongly recommended to take this course. 
When taking all four weeks of this course, in combination with IBSL 20th Century History, it may be used by IB Diploma students for the US History requirement at TAS.